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The Event
Open Source 101 is a one-day conference featuring 10, 45 and 90 minute live talks covering the "basics" of open source. While many believe "everyone knows the basics" and can effectively contribute and consume, we disagree based on more than a decade of feedback and input from our community.

Registration is FREE
Thanks to our Presenting Sponsors registration in 2021 is absolutely FREE. Please visit these companies both before and during the event to say "thanks".

Date and Times
Open Source 101 2021 will take place on Tuesday, March 30. Programming will begin at 10:00 am ET and is scheduled to end between 4:00 and 5:00 pm ET. Content will be structured to maximize ROI for attendees.

Access to the Virtual Environment
While programming will officially begin Tuesday, March 30 at 10:00 am ET, the virtual platform itself will be accessible the day before - Monday, March 29, starting at 4:00 pm ET. This will allow anyone interested to familiarize themselves with the environment pre-event.

Sponsors and Networking
The environment will include an "Exhibit Hall" where sponsors and partners will be located. We kindly encourage you to visit them during the event as their support is making everything possible. In addition, a Networking Lounge exists, which is designed to bring attendees together and enable connections and conversations. We hope you'll take advantage of it.

Code of Conduct
We proudly have a Code of Conduct and expect attendees, speakers, sponsors and everyone else involved to adhere to the policy. The Code of Conduct can be found here.

Terms and Conditions
We also have Terms & Conditions, which can be found here.

Questions or Comments
All questions and/or comments should be directed to the ATO/OS101 team at We will respond as quickly as possible.

Thank you!
Anyone familiar with the OS101 and ATO team knows we say "thank you" a lot. This is no exception. We recognize time and attention are limited and therefore valuable. We very much appreciate yours and promise to deliver as much value to you as possible.

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